Get In Tune Music Therapy Approach

Marlys Woods, M.S., MFTI, MT-BC, has crafted an innovative genre of music therapy that expertly weaves in core messages from the 12-step philosophy of alcohol and substance abuse recovery. Her method, developed through intensive training in evidence-based practices and honed by 6 years of professional practice, uniquely positions clients to become more successful on their road to addiction recovery.

Research in neuroscience and psychology has demonstrated that music can have a positive influence on stress management. Get In Tune™ clients are taught to use music as stress management coping skills to help identify, express, and regulate their emotions.

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Social Stress Model

The Social Stress Model developed by research psychologists explains that when someone experiences high levels of stress, they are more likely to engage in substance abuse. This is especially true when someone does not have a strong social network, is low on resources, and is lacking in social competence skills such as assertiveness and self-esteem. These factors dramatically alter a person’s experience of stress and, as a result, their reaction to it.

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12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

Used by three quarters of all treatment centers in the US, the 12-step philosophy of substance abuse recovery is a critical resource for Get In Tune™ music therapy clients. During the Get In Tune™ program, clients are not only exposed to the 12 steps but are active participants in their own learning.

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